The boutique wine list is an ever-changing creation, always striving for what inspires, not what is trendy. We focus on unique and valued small production wines from a variety of countries.

Our small craft beer selections stay true to the word seasonal with eight rotating taps and over a dozen bottle selections.

The liquor program is an intimate selection based on the idea that more is not always better. Working off a three-tier system, each category consists of a well, medium and unique high call brand. We provide both the rare and recognizable.

Our service staff, both passionate and knowledgeable create a sense of togetherness. Waterfront dining overlooking Tampa’s beautiful skyline, Modern American seasonal cuisine, and a boutique wine and craft beer list make Café Dufrain a unique dining destination.


Café Dufrain represents all the qualities that make Harbour Island seem worlds away from Tampa’s bustling downtown area.



The USA Today’s Top 10 Waterfront Restaurants

“Café Dufrain represents all the qualities that make Harbour Island seem worlds away from Tampa’s bustling downtown area. Set among high-rise condo and apartment developments, this award winning restaurant quietly serves up some of the best dishes in town. With a focus on local, organic and sustainable ingredients combined in recipes that are changed seasonally, they have called this approach “new American comfort food cuisine” and are quickly making converts. Combined with great service and a carefully selected boutique wine and craft beer list, lunch or dinner at Café Dufrain is sure to please even the most discerning. For an added bonus, the views of downtown from the waterside patio leave quite an impression, especially at night”. Skye Rodgers, Tampa Local Expert. USA Today’s Top 10 Waterfront Restaurants

“Even if you don’t live on tiny Harbour Island, it’s worth a trip over Garrison Channel for the sleek fare at this sleek New American fusion bistro.”
– St. Petersburg Times

“This is a great place for a casual business dinner.” – USA Today

WINNER: “Best Waterfront Cafe ” – Tampa Bay Metro Magazine

“This hideaway waterfront bistro specializes in the eclectic, and their filet mignon is no exception.” – Tampa Bay Illustrated Magazine, Food Critic Julie W. Martin

“There is something to be said for dining al fresco. When you combine a calming water view overlooking our Tampa skyline with fabulous as well as interesting food, it is an unbeatable combination. Priceless.” – Food Critic, Gail Gundersen, Westchase WOW

“Lassie can tag along if you dine on the patio at dog-friendly Café Dufrain, a riverside eatery popular with an upscale crowd.” – Fodor’s For Choice Travel Experiences

“The advantages of being a Floridian are obvious when taking in a breathtaking view of downtown Tampa from the patio dining area of this chic local hot spot.”
– Tampa Bay Metro Magazine

“In the 1994 movie classic The Shawshank Redemption, the lead character, Andy Dufrense (pronounced “Dufrain”), is described as strolling “like a man in a park without a care or worry in the world.” Take a waterfront table at Café Dufrain and you may feel the same.” – Julie W. Martin, Tampa Bay Illustrated

WINNER “Best Outdoor Dining”, “Best Chef” & “Best Waitstaff”, “Best Kept Secret” & “Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Restaurant” – Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay

WINNER “Best Unique Restaurants in Tampa” –

WINNER “Best view, runner-up.” – Tampa Tribune

“It is always a pleasure to not find the “usual suspects” on a restaurant’s menu and this cafe didn’t disappoint. All of the items on Café Dufrain’s menu presented an interesting twist.”
– Food Critic, Gail Gundersen, Westchase Wow

“Café Dufrain has both indoor and outdoor seating, a quality wine list featuring smaller boutique vineyards and a waterfront gourmet menu.” – Bay News 9, Mike Reeves

“The owners serve up a handful of delights.” – Food Critic, Kurt Loft, Tampa Tribune

“Contemporary in look and taste… downtown finally has a taste of the most elusive of treats: a room with a water view and contemporary food.” – Food Critic, Chris Sherman, St. Petersburg Times

“Café Dufrain was recently described as having all the qualities of a ‘hidden gem.’ Few people know about it. The prices are surprisingly low. The place is off – but not too far from – the beaten path. And the food is damn good.”
– Food Critic, Brian Ries, Creative Loafing/Weekly Planet

“Easily one of the best hangouts in Tampa for food or drink. It’s not overpriced by any means and offers a near priceless patio for your pleasure.” – Tampa Bay Times

“…dogs rule the roost (or at least the pet-friendly patio) as much as humans at downtown Tampa’s Café Dufrain.” – USA Today, Where to Eat

“Café Dufrain’s location along a channel of the tampa bay, and their unique flare for combining contemporary, american and fusion cuisine is the reason why this restaurant is notable throughout the South Tampa community.” – Food Critic, Vanessa Daniel, Tampa Gold

“The casual atmosphere, the efficient service and fantastic food make café dufrain worthy of your bucks.” – Creative Loafing/Weekly Planet


Contemporary in look and taste... downtown finally has a taste of the most elusive of treats: a room with a water view and contemporary food.


- Food Critic, Chris Sherman, St. Petersburg Times